LIVE 99.9’s 99 Days of Summer! Win a CLASSIC Harley-Davidson motorcycle!!!

LIVE 99.9 presents 99 Days of Summer!
We’re giving away the ultimate summer fun machine – a chromed up Harley-Davidson Softail Duece!
We’ll be out LOTS in the summer sun coming up – just keep it on LIVE 99.9 and find out where we’ll be taking the bike next where YOU can register to win it all.
The Grand Giveaway happens on August 25th at Eddy Street Commons at Notre Dame.

Scott from Osceola is our latest finalist! IT COULD BE YOU NEXT!!!

Here’s where you can register to win the Harley coming up:

Saturday, May 26th Knox, IN Auto & Bike Show at Wythogan Park in Knox from 3 to 5pm CENTRAL TIME

Good luck!

For LIVE 99.9’s 99 Days of Summer contest rules – CLICK HERE.