Pink, Dua, Kelly & Brandi: Female artists fangirl over each other
Nick Jonas posts cover of “Shallow” ahead of the Oscars
O-Town teams up with “The Bachelor's” Colton Underwood on new song, “Hello World”
New music Friday: Mayer, Lambert, Bay & Michaels and more
Watch now: Sara Bareilles' “Fire” video features fiery interpretive dance
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  • I Can't Take These Speeches - Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week February 22, 2019
    It seems like this year has already had THOUSANDS of award shows and Young Jeffrey is tired of it.
  • Laser Stories - February 22 February 22, 2019
    Weird news stories from around the world… with a healthy dose of LASERS added in. Does it make sense? No not really, but it doesn’t HAVE TO… it’s “Laser Stories!"
  • Loser Line - February 22 February 22, 2019
    Don't give that creep at the bar your number! Slip him the Loser Line number instead and we'll play his awful voicemail on the air!
  • Second Date: Dave and Emma (Nervous Guy) February 22, 2019
    We understand dating can be a stressful, nerve-wracking experience… but we've never heard someone get SO worked up and anxious over one girl. One of our listeners, Dave, is dying for a second chance… and hopefully we can get it for him.
  • Phone Tap: You Can't Sing For Applebees February 22, 2019
    Sorry, it's gonna be a no for me, dog.
  • Phone Tap: Candy Crush Addict February 22, 2019
    Jubal calls a woman to tell her that her addiction has made her husband so concerned, that he’s paid me $1500 to have her admitted to rehab. Whats her addiction? The video game “Candy Crush” of course.