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Fans demand a Bruno Mars/Rihanna collab after he hits her up on Twitter
Taylor Swift's the first to debut at #1 on album & singles chart in the same week
Katy Perry reveals her faves: person, red-carpet ensemble, song to perform & more
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  • Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - August 3 August 3, 2020
    James Corden might replace Ellen DeGeneres!!! Perfect fit or heck no?????
  • Second Date: Kenny and Twixy (Spread Your Legs) August 3, 2020
    In today’s brand new Second Date, a guy reached out to us for help because a simple slip of the tongue ruined his entire date, but things were actually A LOT worse than he led us to believe.
  • Phone Tap: Mechanic Shop August 3, 2020
    In today's brand new Phone Tap, Jose's calling a guy who just wanted simple inspection for his car, but there was a little incident that happened during the process and now its gonna be a loooooong while before he gets it back.
  • Laser Stories - August 3 August 3, 2020
    Weird news stories from around the world… with a healthy dose of LASERS added in. Does it make sense? No not really, but it doesn’t HAVE TO… it’s “Laser Stories!
  • Phone Tap: Cover Up Your Sexy Swimsuit August 3, 2020
    This Phone Tap victim's swimming gear is causing quite an uproar at the community center
  • Loser Line - August 3 August 3, 2020
    Nothing salvages a Monday quite like a full Loser Line Inbox!