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Promposal: Olivia Rodrigo's 'SOUR Prom Concert Film' airs next Tuesday
Music mogul Scooter Braun talks Justin's well-being, Demi's coming out — and Taylor Swift
Bastille releases new song, “Distorted Light Beam”
Back-Sync: Thanks to Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively is living her boy band fantasy
Following 'New York Times' report, fan posts video of Britney Spears onstage saying she has a 102-degree fever
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  • Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - June 22 June 22, 2021
    A-Rod is spotted partying with Ben Affleck's EX! Is this about to be the FEUD of the summer?
  • Phone Tap: Can You Find My Letter June 22, 2021
    In today's Phone Tap, Jeffrey is calling the post office because he got drunk last night and mailed a letter that he shouldn’t have, and now he’ll do anything to get it back!
  • Masked Speaker: Bunker Boy June 22, 2021
    Today's Masked Speaker found an ingenious and deceptive way to save money, all while living under the nose of the people he sold his house to...
  • Awkward Tuesday: Apologize For Bullying June 22, 2021
    If you had the chance to confront your childhood bully, would you do it? One of our listeners has that opportunity and we can’t wait to dig up some drama and sort it all out!
  • Care or Don't Care - June 22 June 22, 2021
    In Care or Don't Care, Young Jeffrey has a hot stack of buzz-worthy news stories to read BUT we only get to hear them if we really care! If we don't care, they get banished to the trash forever!
  • Second Date: Elizabether and Ben (Telemarketers Ball) June 22, 2021
    In today’s Second Date we learned about an event we’ve never heard of before. One of our listeners was invited to this event but turned it down and she wants to tell us why she ultimately regretted it!