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Ashe dances barefoot on broken glass in “Me Without You” video
Adele is feeling “Thirty FREE” in new birthday Instagram posts
Ryan Tedder hustles his way through a film set in video for new OneRepublic song, “Run”
The Weeknd to perform at 2021 BRIT Awards next week
Report: Britney Spears won't ask judge to end conservatorship
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  • Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - May 5 May 5, 2021
    Well that's bold. Ben Affleck's response after a woman REJECTED HIM on a dating app is going viral...and it's a lot.
  • Second Date: Lauren and Cameron (Fist Fight Mayhem) May 5, 2021
    Wouldn’t it be nice if dating apps told you honestly just how weird your date actually is before meeting? The person in today’s Second Date thought she found a normal guy but as the night went on, his true colors really started to show.
  • Phone Tap: This Scam Is Not A Scam May 5, 2021
    A majority of all phone calls now are scammers, so in today’s Phone Tap we’re constantly reassuring the guy that this is not a scam call. Repeat: Not a scam.
  • What's On Your Mind - May 5 May 5, 2021
    Brooke thinks someone leaked her personal information, Jose had an awkward encounter with his neighbor, Alexis tried fruit on salad for the first time, and Jeffrey has a beef with modern grill technology. It's time to go around the room and share what's on our minds!
  • Phone Tap: Video Attire May 5, 2021
    Today’s victim got called out by her coworkers for her “Zoom Etiquette” while working from home and we’re here to lay down the law now.
  • Covinsanity - May 5 May 5, 2021
    In Covinsanity, we focus on the not-so-serious stories coming from the outbreak. We’ve gathered the funniest and strangest news from around the world that we guarantee will put a smile on your face.