Sabrina Carpenter releases 'Short n' Sweet' track list, books 'Hot Ones'

Island Records

Sabrina Carpenter is going it alone on her upcoming album, Short n’ Sweet.  The singer has released the track list for the album, and there are no features on it. 

A retro-looking video on her socials shows Sabrina dancing in a baby blue bodysuit, black stockings and a black garter while the song titles appear in a scroll. “short n’ sweet august 23rd!!!! claim your track n tell yer friends!!!!” she captioned the video.

The album includes the hits “Please Please Please” and “Espresso,” as well as the following songs: “Taste,” “Good Graces,” “Sharpest Tool,” “Coincidence,” “Bed Chem,” “Dumb & Poetic,” “Slim Pickins,” “Juno,” “Lie to Girls” and “Don’t Smile.”

In other Sabrina news, on July 11, she’ll appear on the popular YouTube show Hot Ones, which for those unfamiliar features celebrities answering questions while consuming progressively spicier chicken wings. The episode drops at 11 a.m. ET.

As one fan put it in the comments, “Heartbreak is one thing, heart burn’s another lol.”

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