Taylor Swift Update: Travis' top tunes, Gigi's gift, Taylor's message to Hugh

Gareth Cattermole/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Every day brings new news in the world of Taylor Swift. Here’s a roundup:

Appearing on the latest episode of the podcast Bussin’ with the Boys, Taylor’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, revealed his top three Taylor songs. “I really started listening to Taylor’s music when she came out with 1989,” he said. “Like, I knew who she was before that, we were the same age, so through high school and everything I knew who Taylor was and she was, like, getting her career started.”

“But I think 1989 was where it really started to go crazy,” he added. “So I’m gonna say ‘Blank Space’ because that was like the first one, so I’ll put that at number one. It’s a banger.” Travis’ #2 is “Cruel Summer” and #3 is “So High School,” which he insinuated that he’d picked because it’s about him.

Speaking of Travis, he’s referenced on a new gift that Taylor’s friend Gigi Hadid gave her: a custom gold ring from Cece Jewellery. The company posted photos on Instagram of the ring, which features an image of Taylor’s cat Benjamin Button, surrounded by pearls. On either side are flaming hearts. One heart has Travis’ jersey number, 87, inside it, while the other has Taylor’s favorite number, 13. The letters “TTPD” are engraved inside, referring to Taylor’s album The Tortured Poets Department. “It’s perfect, thank u,” Gigi wrote in the comments.

Finally, among all the celebrities who attended her shows in London, Taylor seemed to be most thrilled at Hugh Grant‘s presence. After the actor thanked her for a great show on social platform X, she responded, “As a long time Hugh Grant stan this tweet is very important to my culture.”

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